About Us

Urbbit Innovation Lab founded at Melbourne, Australia in 2016 by a group of software professionals from India & Australia and the founders of Graphix Den, a UI/UX development company. Urbbit name has come from arbit - Slang for arbitrary (based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system). The word, is widely used colloquial word in the technology institutes of India, typically used for strange or weird e.g. it was a really arbit idea and we had no clue about it. Another thought process of choosing this name "urbbit" is "your bit", the company that empowers YOU to build and use applications for YOURSELF. Be it your own inspection / audit checklists or work order specification or defining the delivery plans to facilitate your operational goals, its about YOU, its yoURBBIT.

We started this organization in part-time with arbit (or urbbit) thinking of digital disruption with a set of questions in mind while analyzing our current and past affairs

  •   What happened?
  •   Why did it happen?
  •   What is happening now?
  •   What might happen?
  •   What likely to happen?
  •   What action should be taken?
  •   How it will be executed?

While answering those questions, we realized that, like water, information is shapeless and the value of information is priceless. It is impossible to gather information though a predefined process and modelling it in real-time for use. That's why we thought of building an urbbit applications to bring seamless digital transformation and disruption by an evolving the process of data analytics and continuous innovation practices. We started looking at our day to day activities and past involvements with the communities and personal / professional experiences.

Urbbit Innovation factory is neither a digital analytics company nor a mobile app development company. In Urbbit factory, we are proactively analyzing the market needs and building the solution for mass market and small / medium enterprises. We started our thought process in the area of surrounding affairs and needs like garage sale / 2nd hand sale, location driven proactive marketing, augmented / virtual reality, safety process & measurement, inspection, digital notes, etc.

Urbbit Innovation Lab, a start-up company with a set of highly qualified professionals with almost 20 years of industry experiences in average, a unique blend of domain, business and technology among us. We are, as a team, claiming expertise on nearly all facets of business and society. We are committed to build a team with great people - talented, smart and fun. We believe success is when our customers achieve the desired outcome through our deliverables. We proactively ensure that desired outcome is achieved by our customers.


Customers are always right and we put them first. We recommend the right solution, not just any solution. We take time to listen to our customers, to understand them and work out how we can best solve their objectives. Before proposing anything we put ourselves in the customer's shoes: what would I do if it was my money or my business on the line? We consider the impact of our actions and make recommendations and decision to build solution that meets our customer's need


"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek" - Mario Andretti. We believe commitment is the gate of the imagination; which turns dreams to reality. We are determined, dedicated and committed to the game of endurance to succeed


"Truth never damages a cause that is just." - Mahatma Gandhi. We are transparent, straight-forward, open and honest to minimize any surprises. Transparency, accountability and sustainability have become the slogans of our organization. We are evaluated by environmental and social audits to court


We are all about finding new ways to improve the effectiveness of your business (business support or operation support or customer experience). We are about designing, building and delivering industry-leading solutions by latest and greatest technologies. Through inventive processes and unique solutions, we provide unmatched value to our customers. We foster creative work environments where we always challenge ourselves to improve our processes and procedures


Achieving the best outcomes often requires the courage to face difficulty, to speak up and stand by what we believe. We always strive to do the right thing. We explore new ways of thinking and are unafraid to ask for help. We are honest with ourselves, and actively seek feedback from others. We aim for an enduring legacy, despite the short term priorities of our world


"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford. We are committed to providing high-quality products, services and resources. We will always endeavor to exceed your expectations for quality and service. The fundamentals of our success are due to our products and services reliability and sustainability of both quality and performance


Whatever the strength of the individual, we will accomplish more together. We put the team ahead of our personal success and commit to building its capability. We trust each other to deliver on our respective obligations. We uphold our reputation for integrity in the marketplace and provide an ethical work environment for all of our employees. We do the right thing each time we face a tough decision

Safety & Respect

As an industry leading provider of high-value solutions, we are firmly committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment in our workplace. Everything we do relies upon the safety of our workforce and the communities around us. We respect the world in which we operate. It begins with compliance with laws and regulations. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and behave in ways that earn the trust of others. We depend on the relationships we have and respect each other and those we work with. We value diversity of people and thought. We care about the consequences of our decisions, large and small, on those around us

Concept & Plan

As part of the concept & planning session we determine who, what and when that keep the process sailing smoothly. We work with the business and IT stakeholders to conceive a variety of the amazing requirements and then shape them into a capability packages that makes the scope and roadmap along with the release dates

Requirement & Scope

We begin solution design, blueprint, plan and budget the project in this stage of the fleshing out of the scope. Estimates, plans, roadmap, UID/UXD and users stories help our customers understand what it is and what is coming as a feature. We turn the concept into information that can be shared with our architecture, delivery and testing team

Design & Develop

We build detailed design artifacts of all products so everyone involved knows just what to do and how to do it. We monitor, supervise, and review the implementation in regular basis to ensure the creative intent is maintained throughout the implementation. We oversee the design intent, provide pilot run, on-site demonstration (if required), and seek feedback and comments

Test & Automation

Our rigorous testing process will ensure our app performs brilliantly on release. Once we are completely happy with the deliverables, we then move it from a test server over to our live site domain and stores (app store and play store)


ur app initially "soft launch" for a group of forgiving guests (often employees, our customers and our families). We are there to observe, repair, and modify. We smile and watch with satisfaction from the background. Once we are happy with it we release the application in the market and we push notification to our customers for upgrade. We perform periodic inspections, develop new media releases and change outdated experiences to insure the app stays up-to-date and relevant for visitors and existing subscribers


We define our roadmap based on the market requirements. Each requirements end up with an enhancement or a new module in existing application. We determine the price based on the subscription of the module. All our basic applications are free and commercial agreement kicks in based on the subscription of the modules and the infrastructure requirements like cloud vs on premise or personalization of the application

Customers are at the heart of our business - they come first. Our business model revolves around the partnerships we have with our customers and doing our utmost, at every step along the value chain, to create innovative flavour and fragrance solutions that surpass their expectations and help build their brands. Our resilient direct sales business model positions us well to create long-term value for shareholders.

We are neither an app development nor app delivery or digital analytics company. We built solution based on market need and operate on SaaS / PaaS model in both private and public cloud. We also provide our solution to on-premise deployment. We benefit from the diversity of our end-user markets and customers, broad product range. We employ a technical, direct sales approach that allows us to better understand our customers' needs and to implement appropriate engineered solutions.

Meeting the needs of our customers by helping them to solve their difficult productivity and process challenges, improve their operational sustainability and comply with increasingly stringent health, safety and environmental requirements, is at the core of what we do. Our customers' needs are at the heart of our business model and it is through meeting those needs that we create value.

Most of our solutions are free to use and there is no market segment targeted as of now. We started our company with uInspect, product for digital auditing and inspection. We thought of building this product looking at the pain we are going through starting from the home selection, agent interaction, agent / customer inspection and contract termination. While building the solution we realized that the same application can be used in any domain like transport - car inspection, telecom - delivery partner's performance auditing, retail - store inspection, insurance - health / property inspection, individual - personal day to day life checklists / tracking, and general (for all) - asset management. Hence we thought of building the platform with a set of talented professional in part-time and release it as a SaaS in the market. We also kept our ears on to the market to hear the feedback and build the roadmap.

Financially we do not have any funding / investment at this moment; we are operating in self-funding mode. Our primary channel of fund raising would be via capability delivery i.e. all the basic functionalities are exposed as free. Any kind of personalization like reports outcome, integration with 3rd party, etc. would be enabled on subscription based model.

Our basic apps will have an advertisement section, which will show location driven relevant advertisements like for uInspect - home inspection application will show related advertisement like plumbing service, internet service, electrician service, relocation service etc. Retailers / Service providers will be able to push ads using our digital ad / marketing framework.

Collaborative strategies are the powerful way for nonprofits to accelerate their impact. We could be the trusted resource to the sector on the continuum of nonprofit partnerships, with a balanced approach that combines objective analysis with careful attention to the people and processes necessary for success.

Finally, our operating model is simple, seamless and transparent. We are improving our product & service in continuous basis. We are listening to everyone regularly and trying to keep everyone happy. Our business model is based on customers' needs, innovation and sustainable growth. We identify customer needs, and then apply innovative engineering to deliver successful solutions. We aim to keep our customers for life by delivering them the complete, integrated suite of software, services and support.

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