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Introduction to Urbbit

Uploaded On: 11-Nov-2016 06:14:41

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Our world is transforming fast and becoming a fairy tale story. It has moved on, from connecting people to connecting device. Adopting to the changes is a challenge. There are too much uncertainty and too few success. But the future can't be put on hold. It's time, to look past the hurdles to focus on tomorrow, and find a new course of action. It's time, to say good bye to the old way of setting your priorities, and welcome a new world of making a society. A society built around you. A society that listens to your concerns. A society that values your priorities, your goals, your assets, and your future. It is augmented, it is self-organized. It runs without worry, runs without confusion, runs without disruption. It's proactive. It connects everything relevant about you. It understands your vision. It is neither a process nor a technology. It is not artificial but it is intelligent. It is your fairy tale Genie. It's Urbbit. It's all about you.