Inspections Checklists

uInspect is designed for mobile devices and tablets like iPad, iPhone or any Android devices, so that you can use it on-the-go. Just select an inspection template that suits your need and start filling it. While performing the inspection, you can preview your inspection report at any time. Even the work-in-progress report can be emailed to any party. You can seamlessly switch between multiple inspection jobs

Template Library - Global and Local Repository

uInspect comes with public and private libraries for inspection templates. You can use templates from the pre-built public library or you can easily create a template of your own. The templates are categorised by industry segments like Real Estate, Automobiles, Work and Safety etc. You can also copy the public templates to your local collection and customize it based on your need

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Inline help for instant tutorials

Each checklist item (e.g. question) comes with an instant help feature to help the inspector or the auditor with an on-the-spot tutorial / guide about the process to inspect a specific item. uInspect also allows you to define your own inline help tutorials while creating a template

Image Capture & Annotation

Take photos inline on your form's section using the built-in camera of your device or select photos from your device gallery. You can even draw and annotate on the photo to highlight areas of concern and add captions to each photo. You can add as many images as you want for an item. Very soon, we will let you add videos to your inspection as well

On device Signature Capture

No need to sign your reports every time you conduct an inspection. uInspect lets you capture your signature and store it against your profile. For every inspection you conduct, uInspect will automatically print it on your inspection reports

On device Sketches and Drawing

Sometimes simply sketching a drawing can answer a question quicker than typing. You can draw sketches on a blank canvas or on an existing photo within the inspection form

Print and Share Inspection Reports to anyone via email

Preview report at any point of the inspection on your device. Create and share reports in one easy step to anyone. uInspect supports a variety of standard report formats like PDF, WORD, XLS, and PPT reports. Reports can be also customized to your need. To know more please Contact us at info@urbbit.com

Personalized Dashboard to track your progress

On device dashboard keeps you up to date with the status of your inspections. View your pending and completed inspection at any time. Dashboard can be customized or personalized based on your need. To know more, please Contact us at info@urbbit.com

Single sign-on

Sign-in to uInspect using your Google or Facebook accounts, and access the app hassle free from anywhere and from any device. You can also create your own uInspect account

GPS tracking and type ahead address support

No need to type complete address for the inspection. Switch on your device GPS and uInspect will track your address. In case, your device does not have GPS tracking, just start typing the address in the address bar, and uInspect will suggest all the possible addresses in your country

Cloud Storage

All your inspections along with images & reports are encrypted and securely stored in our private cloud. There is no storage limitation as of now. You can upload unlimited images and can create unlimited inspection along with unlimited reports. In case, you need a personalized storage, please Contact us at info@urbbit.com

Real-time Integration to any 3rd party Systems

uInspect offers you to bring your own systems to integrate with us. We provide JSON based REST services for you to integrate with us; which includes templates, inspections, images and reports. For more information, please Contact us at support@urbbit.com

Security and Privacy

All sensitive information and photographs are encrypted and stored on cloud. Fine grained and device specific access control helps to meet cloud security compliance requirements for encryption, separation of data. Our storage encryption to protect against unauthorized access at the data centre. Transport level encryption to protect data when it is transmitted. For more information, please Contact us at info@urbbit.com

Support & Maintenance

uInspect is built for you to say goodbye to the old way of setting your priorities. We know how vauable your time is. We are available 24/7 to ensure your experience with Urbbit is what we expect it to be – easy, quick, efficient and effective. Please get in touch with us via email, or direct phone call. Our online chat application is comming soon. For more information, please Contact us at support@urbbit.com

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