Upcoming Features & Roadmap

“The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice;”. We believe that when we are passionate about something we have more energy, we work much harder, we get more creative, we search more diligently for solutions when difficult problems arise, and we inspire others who work alongside us. Each of those elements helps to increase our chances of success to bring your brighter future. Our continuous learning process helped us to evolve Urbbit and continue to evolved. We would like to hear your feedback about Urbbit. Please write to us your requirement. We will put it in the roadmap.

  Offline support

Offline inspection function will help you to perform inspection even if your device is out of data network. This feature will help you to perform inspection at every corners in the world

Timeline: Next Release

  Category and sub-category Support

Template Category grouping will help to search and select relevant templates seamlessly. Under the same features country specific templates will be segregated

Timeline: Next Release

  Web based support

Our web-based module will allow you to access your assets, inspections and templates from anywhere. The big screen functionality will ease out your pain in creating templates and access your dashboards and other real-time modules

Timeline: Next Release

  Inspection History Management

Like a car servicing booklet this functionality will help you to support inspection on inspection of a single asset, it means using uInspect follow-on inspection will be done on previous inspections. This will help you to create asset health history

Timeline: Next Release

  Barcode & QR Scanning

Ability to support 13 unique barcode standards for uInspect to work seamlessly with existing barcode infrastructure simply by scanning with the device built-in camera

Timeline: Next Release

  RFID Scanning

Ability to support IDBlue Reader using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to instantly identify assets

Timeline: Roadmap